SONY DSCHi there. Thanks for visiting me. Please feel free to browse around to your heart’s content.

Unless you’re under 18 of course. This is a site strictly for adults only, so please if you’re not yet 18 do a U-turn now. Come back in a few years time, I’d love to see you then.

Check out my Books page to find out all about my current and forthcoming releases. All three books in The Dark Side trilogy are now on general release and the same goes for my Sure Mastery  series too. Some readers prefer to start a series when all the books are available rather than having to wait. Well, fill your boots.

Smut Manchester posterIf you feel like treating yourself, well just go to Want to buy a book? You can find all my books on Amazon and at Totally Bound

Check out ‘On the horizon’ to find out what I’m working on just now and what’s coming soon.

Have a look at my GoodReads bookshelves to see what sizzling little numbers are keeping me awake half the night.

Apart from here, you can find me on Facebook

And I’m on twitter, and Pinterest. Or you can find me on the Totally Bound site

Oh, and if you’re anywhere near Manchester in the UK in November, you’ll find me here…

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