#WIPItUp … why don’t you want to sleep with me?

WIPimage12This is WIPItUp, the blog hop where authors share excerpts from their works in progress. And please feel free to comment – we authors love feedback.

This week I’m sharing a teaser from my current WIP which is now through edits and due to be released on 6 January. No title yet, but here’s a picture of my inspiration for the hero, Ben. It’s a contemporary erotic romance with a twist of mystery to it, and set in the UK.

So, here’s a short snippet:

“What did you mean when you said ‘if I was your submissive’ I’d get spanked?”

“Right. I love the way you go straight to the heart of things. Okay, so I’m a dom. A dominant, which means I like to be in control. Mainly, for me, that’s to do with sex. I want to be the one who calls the shots in bed, and my partner does as she’s told. That’s what it means to be a submissive. A sub obeys instructions, or she gets punished. Before, I was pissed because you came out on your own in the middle of the night. I get that this isn’t downtown Chicago, but still it scared me, I don’t want you in danger, taking risks. If you were my sub I’d want you to keep yourself safe, and if you didn’t I would punish you to make sure you got it right the next time. And be warned, a punishment spanking isn’t nearly so pleasant. It fucking hurts.”

“Why? Why would you bother? You said you cared about me, but you hardly know me and I’m not your responsibility.”

Ben patted her bare hip. “Honey, this says different. I know you well enough to care, so get used to it. And you know me, trust me, enough to let me spank you. We’re headed somewhere, you and I.”

“Then, why don’t you want to sleep with me?”

“Who says I don’t? I respect boundaries though, and earlier you were quite clear that it’s too soon for you. I respect that.”

“I changed my mind.”

“Great. Tell me that again, tomorrow, when you have your clothes on and haven’t just had your head scrambled by your first spanking and a decent orgasm. And when you’ve had a chance to think through what fucking a dom would entail.”

I hope that was enough to whet your appetite.

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