#WIPItUp – Snippet from Two Doms and a Little Lady

WIPimage12This is WIPItUp, the blog hop where authors share excerpts from their works in progress. And please feel free to comment – we authors love feedback.

This week I’m sharing a teaser from my newest WIP, a menage novella. This is a contemporary story, set in the UK. The working title is Two Doms and a Little Lady.

Check out this short snippet, completely unedited as yet so please be gentle…

Fraze emerges from a door along the hallway and pauses to regard me. His surprised expression soon gives way to a lazy smile, enough to melt my knickers.

“You were expecting someone else.” I state the obvious.

“Pizza delivery. Have you eaten?”

I nod. “Yes. At my hotel. I… I could come back later.”

“You could, but I’m willing to bet you won’t. I think we’d better hang onto you while we can.” He turns as Declan appears in the doorway behind him. “We have a visitor.”

“So I see. And a lot more appetising than a quattro staggione.” Declan beams at me. “Hi, Ellie. Nice to see you.”

“Look,” I begin. “This was a mistake. I’m sorry, I just—”

“To what do we owe this pleasure? Was there something you wanted, Ellie?” Fraze’s tone is soft, his eyebrow raised in that quizzical way he has.

Caught, I stand, rooted in the hallway and tell myself I should just be honest. I did come here looking for something, something tempting which they dangled before me and I turned down. I have to assume their offer still stands.

“I’ve been thinking…” My voice trails away. There is silence for several seconds, until Fraze breaks it.

“Okay. What have you been thinking, Ellie?” Fraze’s expression is more intent now, his tone sterner. He expects an answer.

“I was just… I mean, I wondered…”

“Yes? What can we do for you, Ellie?” Declan speaks to me in a softer tone but I’m not fooled. He, too, expects an honest response.

“Spank me,” I whisper. “Please.”



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One thought on “#WIPItUp – Snippet from Two Doms and a Little Lady

  1. Omg, Ashe! That last line. “Spank me.” Please you have to continue this snippet next week. I must know what Declan’s and Fraze’s answer is to Ellie.

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