#WIPItUp …“If you would allow me to indulge my current favourite fantasy, little one…”

WIPimage12This is WIPItUp, the blog hop where authors share excerpts from their works in progress. And please feel free to comment – we authors love feedback.

This week I’m sharing another teaser from a novella I first published about 18 months ago but which has had a makeover. Rough Diamonds has a new cover, new blurb, and is re-released on 1 March. This is a contemporary story, super sexy and set in the world of international diamond dealing. The book is available to pre-order now for just 99 cents (the price goes up right after release day).

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Here’s the blurb…

A random act of kindness, an amazing chain of events

What if someone handed you over a million dollars in uncut diamonds, and a note? For services rendered…

A random act of kindness years earlier gives rise to an astonishing chain of events. Johan Klaas holds the key to the mystery and he will help her – for a price. Can she trust him? Should she? And what has Christa ever done to deserve such a reward?

Swept from her modest flower shop in England, caught up in the opulent global diamond trade in Antwerp and introduced by her millionaire lover to a sensual world of pain and pleasure, Christa is determined to solve the riddle.

Check out this short snippet. Christa is enjoying her first visit to a fetish club…

Johan eased her into a space just beside the door, out of the way of anyone passing in or out, but with a good enough view to allow her to take in her new surroundings. Her eyes soon adjusted to the subdued illumination and she could make out couples and groups of people dotted around. The space was large, and felt quite uncrowded, though she counted dozens of people in here.

“It is early still. More will arrive, in the next hour or so, and there will be much to watch. To enjoy. If you wish to experiment at all, to sample any of the equipment, you might prefer to do so now, while the playroom is relatively quiet.”

Did she? Christa had come here intending to just watch, to learn, to assimilate this new and different way of life. It was a glimpse into something unfamiliar, intriguing and vaguely dangerous. She hadn’t intended to actually take part. Yet here she was, decked out in black leather, red latex and fuck-me shoes and accompanied by the sexiest man she had ever met, a man she liked, and trusted. There would never be a better time, a better opportunity. Could she? Should she? Would she ever forgive herself if she allowed this chance to slip away?

“What do you recommend? For a beginner?” The words were out before she could reconsider.

Johan flashed that sexy smile she so adored. “If you would allow me to indulge my current favourite fantasy, little one, it would be to strap you to the St Andrew’s cross and introduce you to my flogger. Intense, sensual, gentle enough for a novice but with just enough bite to make you squeal.”

She narrowed her eyes at him, almost shaking with nerves, but still assessing the options. “Would I need to get undressed?”

“The flogger is more effective on naked breasts, but it is your choice. As ever.”

“You’ll have to unlace me, then.” Christ, where was this coming from?

“It will be my pleasure. Come, this way…”


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One thought on “#WIPItUp …“If you would allow me to indulge my current favourite fantasy, little one…”

  1. I love Christa’s and Johan’s choice for her first playtime at a fetish club. I think her trying out the St. Andrew’s Cross and getting flogged is the perfect scene for a newbie! Great snippet, Ashe!

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