#WIPItUp – “He’s nice. Loving that American accent.”

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This week I’m sharing a teaser from my current WIP. I[ve just finished the first draft, ready to send to beta readers. Still not sure what the title will be but this is a contemporary erotic romance with a twist of mystery to it, and set in the UK.

Oh, and here’s picture of my inspiration for the hero, Ben…

Check out this short, snippet, the first encounter between Ben and Lily. It’s completely unedited, so be kind…

Lily turned as the tall, athletic form emerged from the men’s room at the rear of the bar. The man approached, his confident gait oddly disconcerting to Lily though his smile was pleasant enough. More than pleasant. At over six feet tall and with dark blond hair which curled around the collar of his open-neck sports shirt, he was stunning, she decided. Simply stunning. His jaw was square and strong, giving him a look of a man who knew what he wanted and usually got it. His eyes were a deep blue, intelligent and assessing.

“Would you be Ms Jamison, by any chance?” He lifted one eyebrow and nodded at Gina’s offer of coffee. “Yes please. Black.”

“I… yes. I am. Lily Jamison. And you’d be Mr Tyler?”

He extended his hand and Lily took it, shook briefly. “Ben,” he corrected her.

“Of course. And I’m Lily.”

“Good to meet you, Lily. I’m sorry I missed you earlier.”

“That’s all right. Thank you for taking the trouble to come find me. I wonder, would it be possible to make an appointment to meet with you?”

His brow furrowed briefly. “Meet with me? This all sounds very formal. Do you have an office somewhere?” He glanced about the bar as though Lily’s desk might be secreted in a corner.

“What? No, but—”

“Then no meeting.”

“But, Mr Tyler, I—”

“Ben. And I prefer to talk over dinner.”


“Yes. You know the sort of thing, nice food, a bottle of decent wine, someone else to do the washing up.”

“But I’ve already eaten.”

“Me too, for this evening. Tomorrow then.”


“I’ll pick you up at eight. Thai food okay? There’s a really nice place I found, just down by the station.”

“Really, there’s no need for all that. I only wanted to ask you—”

“There’ll be plenty of time for you to tell me what it is you need to know. Until tomorrow, then.” He downed the remainder of his coffee, dropped a five pound note on the counter and held out his hand again. Dumbly, Lily took it. He shook, offered her a swift smile, sent a nod in Gina’s direction, then he was gone.

Lily stared at the door as it closed behind him.

“Wow,” she murmured under her breath.

“Wow indeed,” agreed Gina, her elbows on the bar. “He’s nice. Loving that American accent.”

I hope that was enough to whet your appetite.

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