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WIPimage12This is WIPItUp, the blog hop where authors share excerpts from their works in progress. And please feel free to comment – we authors love feedback.

This week I’m sharing from the third book in my Vikings series. Her Celtic Captor is out on Saturday and rounds off the set with Taranc and Brynhild’s story. And check out this gorgeous cover. Korey Mae Johnson has worked wonders again.

No official blurb yet, but this is the general gist…

Brynhild is content. Safe and secure in her brother’s longhouse she runs their home with the ruthless efficiency expected of a high-born Viking lady.

Taranc is a Celt, a thrall, enslaved during a Viking raid on his home in Scotland and forced into hard labour by Brynhild’s brother, Ulfric. Determined to escape, Taranc vows he will not be a slave for long. Even so, he will wait until the time is right and he is certain of the wellbeing of those captured with him. In the meantime, he can admire the proud but lovely Viking woman who rules this Viking settlement although her sharp tongue and apparent meanness of spirit give him reason to question his attraction to her.

When a near tragedy causes Ulfric to take drastic action, Taranc enters into a cruel bargain with the Viking chief. He will escape and return to his homeland, with Ulfric’s blessing, and he will take the lovely but defiant Brynhild with him as his captive.

Bound, terrified, at the mercy of her stern Celtic captor and bitterly angry at those who have betrayed her, can Brynhild overcome her fears? Can she leave her past behind and learn to trust the man who has turned her world upside down and who will not hesitate to punish her if he considers it necessary?

And the snippet…

Yes, she was scared, and Taranc believed this was real. Her submission might be forced, but she recognised his power over her however much she might deplore it and had abandoned her attempts to resist, to refuse to cooperate. She might yet learn a valuable lesson this day.

Taranc took the blanket and tugged it away from her body. Brynhild flinched as the cool morning air caressed her naked back. She opened her eyes to meet his gaze, her expression fearful. “Please…” she mouthed.

Taranc moved in close and lifted the heavy length of her unbound hair which cascaded down her back. He draped it over her shoulder and on impulse bent to kiss the top of her head. “This will be quick, Brynhild. I promise. And you will come to no harm.”

She closed her beautiful azure eyes again, and nodded.


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One thought on “#WIPItUp – Coming soon : Her Celtic Captor

  1. Aww! I love how Brynhild trusted Taranc, Ashe. That was so sweet. I also LOVE your cover!! It’s seriously awesome!

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