#WIPItUp … A peek at Sensory Limits

WIPimage12This is WIPItUp, the blog hop where authors share excerpts from their works in progress. And please feel free to comment – we authors love feedback.

This week I thought it might be nice to share a few paragraphs from a novella I wrote for Sensory Limits, a BDSM anthology due out in September. My story in the collection is called Yes or No? 

Here’s the blurb…

There’s no harm in just filling in the form. Is there? It’s only a bit of harmless escapism, a sexy fantasy. No one will ever know…

The advert is tempting, though.

Dark and Dirty Dreams – what’s your darkest fantasy?

Design your perfect BDSM scene, as sensual as you like, as intense as you can bear. We can bring it to life for you.

A strictly vicarious lover of the BDSM lifestyle, Martha never really means to hit send. A couple of forays into spanking and a spot of lacklustre bondage haven’t quite managed to ignite her curiosity about the dark art of submission, but they haven’t entirely extinguished it either. It’s there, gnawing away at the back of her mind, a dream of what could be, if only…

Megan craves sensation. She yearns for intensity, for a touch to make her skin tingle and her nerve-endings sizzle, a caress to make her scream and demand her surrender. And that’s the problem. She’s a cautious soul, and no pain slut. She’s not about to hand herself over to some ham-fisted Dom and trust to luck – again.

So when she learns she is one of the lucky winners who are to be offered the chance to play out the scene from her kinky imaginings, to the letter, she can’t believe her luck. The only conditions – the organisers reserve the right to select the Dom, one skilled in the specifics of Martha’s personal fantasy, and the scene must be played out in public.

Yes or No?

And the snippet…

Martha sipped her herbal citrus tea, her nightcap of choice when she wanted—needed—to get a decent night’s sleep. The pungent aroma of lemon and apricots teased her nostrils and the tart heat slid down her throat. She clasped her mug between both her hands as she read the advert again.

It was a reputable online fetish site, one she used often. She occasionally interacted with others in the community there, but most of all she valued their absolute discretion when she needed to do a spot of shopping. She had bought things from time to time and they always arrived in the post packaged in respectable brown cardboard. Her collection now ran to a vibrating butt plug, a couple of electronic toys, lube and on one occasion, she had splurged on a rather splendid G-spot USB-rechargeable rabbit vibrator. It had proved a tad awkward when she’d tried to take that particular item through the automated baggage check at Manchester airport on her way to Ibiza, but the security guard had been very polite about it. He’d wished her a nice time and re-zipped her case for her.

She grinned, remembering. She had had a nice time, plenty of sun, sand and solitary orgasms in her five-star hotel room overlooking the Mediterranean. But that had been over six months ago and she hadn’t had a sniff of any action since. It was true she had been busy with work, but that was no excuse, not really. Her battery-operated boyfriend sat unloved in her bedside drawer along with her other fetishy bits and pieces.

Martha yawned, the herbal tea doing its work well. She shut down her laptop, set her empty cup aside and settled herself against the pillows.

It was only an advert, but a girl could dream.


The collection goes on general release in September but will be available for pre-order from 8 August, and on early download from 22 August


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One thought on “#WIPItUp … A peek at Sensory Limits

  1. Hmm. I wonder what really is causing Martha to not use her B.O.B. Maybe a man? I can’t wait to find out!

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