#WeWriWa #8sunday … More erotic sci-fi menage from Ashe Barker

Welcome to my blog, and to the Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop. I’m sharing another snippet from Theirs : Found and Claimed my latest sci-fi, released at the beginning of February. Here goes…

“Enough talking now.” Sylvan drops his hand from my shoulder and steps back. “Remove your clothes and bend over the bed.”

I unfasten the loose shirt I am wearing and slip it from my body. I am naked beneath, apart from the tight leggings I salvaged from among my possessions on the Renascient. I peel those off as well to stand before them utterly nude.

“Ah, but you are lovely, sweetheart,” mutters Luca under his breath. “This is a sight I shall never get tired of.”

Sylvan seems to agree. “Best tits I ever saw. Prettiest arse too. Speaking of which…” He gestures to the bottom of the bed.

Check out this gorgeous cover.  

Right, here’s the blurb…

When they board a derelict spacecraft in search of valuable scrap metal, the last thing Luca and Sylvan expect is to stumble upon a beautiful, naked woman in need of medical assistance. Despite her protests, they bring her back to their ship, treat her illness, and take it upon themselves to look after her.

After she contracted the virus that wiped out her people and killed everyone else on her ship, Llianna didn’t expect to survive, and she is shocked when she awakens from a comatose state with two men standing over her. Once she regains her health, however, she is horrified to realize that she is about to enter her fertile period, a uniquely vulnerable time for females of her species.

Knowing that she will end up begging Luca and Sylvan to take her in any way they please if she doesn’t act quickly, she flees in her partially-repaired ship, only to be caught, stripped bare, and spanked soundly. The stern punishment leaves her desire burning even more fiercely, and soon she is writhing in ecstasy as her handsome rescuers claim her hard and thoroughly.

Though Luca and Sylvan make it clear that she is free to go once her ship is finally fully-operational again, Llianna finds herself yearning to belong to them completely, and as she learns to submit fully to their firm, loving dominance, her passion for them grows more intense with each passing day. But when she discovers that she is not the last of her kind after all, will she leave the men she loves behind to live amongst her own kind?

Publisher’s Note: Theirs: Found and Claimed includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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I hope you enjoyed this snippet, and if you did please feel free to share it. Oh, and as this is a blog hop don’t forget to click the link to drop in on the other authors sharing WeWriWa snippets today.

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  1. Not much for verbal foreplay, are they? Not that I have anything against getting right down to the business of pleasure . . . Nice scene, Ashe.

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