#SaturdaySpankings – Her Dark Viking

Saturday Spankings

Thank you for dropping in on my blog and welcome to a bottom-warming, kindle-melting selection of Saturday Spankings, the blog hop where spanking authors share snippets from something hot and sizzly to spice up the weekend. 

This weekend I’m sharing from Her Dark Viking, the second book in my Freysson Vikings series which is still pillaging five star reviews.

Here’s the sales blurb:

After she is captured by Viking raiders, twenty-five-year-old Mairead is left with no choice but to depend on Gunnar Freysson, the battle-hardened leader of the Norsemen, to protect her and her young children. Though he makes it clear that she is his property to do with as he pleases, Gunnar shows remarkable concern for Mairead’s wellbeing, and when she risks her life in a dangerous attempt at escape he does not hesitate to strip her bare and spank her soundly.

The strict punishment leaves Mairead thoroughly ashamed yet helplessly aroused, and when Gunnar takes her in his arms and claims her properly she cannot deny her body’s response to his dominant lovemaking. As the days pass, Mairead realizes that Gunnar cares for her deeply, and despite her situation she finds herself falling in love with the stern, handsome warrior. But can she truly give her heart to the man who took her from her home?

Publisher’s Note: Her Dark Viking is a stand-alone sequel to Her Rogue Viking. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

And the snippet… 

The dark Viking said nothing as he towered before Mairead, merely beckoned her to him. She saw no alternative but to obey. Standing beside the huge horse he bent and linked his hands to form a step. Mairead placed her foot in his palms and was hoisted up into the saddle. The dark Viking mounted behind her and signalled to his men to follow. Moments later he, the youth with Donald and four more of the Viking guards cantered away along the track into the gathering gloom.

Confused, scared, bewildered, Mairead leaned back against the solid man at her rear. He wrapped his arms around her to manage the reins and they rode in silence for several minutes. At last Mairead could bear it no longer. She twisted in the saddle to look up into the stern features of the man behind her.

“Mairead,” she announced, her hand splayed against her chest. “Mairead of Aikrig.” She pointed to her son. “Donald.”

He regarded her for several more moments, his handsome features stern and unreadable. Then, just as she was about to admit defeat for now and face the front again, his dark eyes appeared to soften, to warm slightly. His mouth curled in the semblance of a smile and he made a brief nod of greeting.

“Gunnar Freysson,” he replied.

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4 thoughts on “#SaturdaySpankings – Her Dark Viking

  1. He looks to be a strong and capable champion, even if he is a bit on the stern side. The fact he managed even a small smile for her is a good thing. She’s a brave lassie.

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