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Saturday Spankings

Thank you for dropping in on my blog and welcome to a bottom-warming, kindle-melting selection of Saturday Spankings, the blog hop where spanking authors share snippets from something hot and sizzly to spice up the weekend. 

This weekend I have a new release out so I’m sharing from that. Held In Custody is a time travel erotic suspense, set in the Scottish Highlands. And just check out this gorgeous cover.


Here’s my author synopsis:

The best laid plans…

He had no intention of touching her. His job is to protect the community of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides so Police Sergeant Finn Olsen is not about to let some strange woman run around his island brandishing a knife almost as big as she is. The mysterious female soon finds herself Held In Custody, locked up for her own protection. And his.

She is a prisoner in his care, but the more he learns about his unusual captive, the more Finn begins to suspect all is not what it seems. Eira speaks a language long dead, has no idea about modern plumbing, and seems to think he’s a god!

Punished for attempting to escape and putting herself in danger, Eira soon learns that the stern man who has her in his power intends to keep her safe but he expects obedience. Confused, lost, alone, she has no choice but to trust him as her world is thrown into turmoil. But when faced with a menacing threat from the past can Finn protect her? And can they forge a new future together?


And the snippet…

Finn hardened his resolve and sat on the edge of the bed. “Five strokes,” he told her, holding up one hand, the fingers extended. “Five strokes.” He patted his thighs and hoped he would not have to force her over his knee.

“This is the law? Your law, here?”

Finn managed to follow the gist of her question and shook his head. He answered in slow, halting Icelandic, watching Eira’s features carefully for signs that she understood him.  “These are the rules between you and me. Not the law. I will protect you, keep you safe, and to do that I have to know you will obey me. If you disobey, you will be punished.”

“You will beat me?”

“Spank you. Yes.”


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