#SaturdaySpankings … a punishment caning from The Prize

Saturday Spankings

I hope that all who celebrate it had a wonderful 4th of July. Thank you for dropping in on my blog and welcome to a bottom-warming, kindle-melting selection of Saturday Spankings, the blog hop where spanking authors share snippets from something hot and sizzly to spice up the weekend. 

I was thrilled to find out that the His Domain anthology was nominated for the BDSM Writers Con Golden Flogger awards in the Anthology category. I’m in great company, snuggled up with  Katy Swann, Rose C. Carole, Anarie Brady, Lucy Felthouse and Rosalie Stanton, five fabulous authors, in this sexy BDSM collection of short stories. My contribution to the kinky fun is The Prize so this weekend I want to share one last snippet from that

Here’s the blurb…

A night to remember…

When she shows up at the prestigious Vivant Club to claim her raffle prize of one month’s free membership, Jessie Barnett doesn’t know what to expect. She’s trembling as she enters, but her inner submissive is dancing for joy, and nothing is going to stop her from claiming what she has won.

Jessie is no stranger to the BDSM scene, but this is a new club, a new city, she knows no one and has no idea what to expect. That’s all right, though, as it turns out the two powerful Doms who are hers for the evening have no doubt at all what they require from her—complete surrender, on her knees.

Jessie is happy to comply. This is what she came here in search of. But will one evening’s pleasure, however intense, however delightfully tinged with exquisite pain, be enough? Once she has submitted to them totally, will Mark and Greg see their business with her as having been concluded? Or is there more to be won, a greater prize, hovering just beyond her reach?

And the snippet. Jessie has somehow managed to earn herself a punishment caning…

“Here at Vivant punishments are always administered publicly, unless the Dom specifically chooses not to. We find it adds a certain…intensity to the proceedings, whilst also ensuring the submissive’s physical wellbeing.”

“You mean, because people are watching…?”

Mark turns to face me. “Exactly. Pemberton is always present and he will step in if he has to.”

I draw some shred of comfort from that. “How many strokes am I to receive?”

The Doms look at each other, and it is Greg who replies. “For one stolen orgasm, and given we don’t know you very well…yet? I should think three will be plenty.”


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