Running from her Fate by Ruby Caine

Running from her Fate

The psychic predicted she will harm him, but Bella was the one who kept coming up with a sore ass.

Beauregard St. Pierre needs to find his run-away fiancée before she gets hurt. A fake psychic has filled her head with foolish nonsense. Generally, not one to leave his job and responsibilities for any length of time, he is determined to locate Belle quickly so they can return to New Orleans.

Anabelle Simar’s life changed drastically after she met Madame Claudette. She found the man of her dreams and inherited a tidy sum of money, all after the gifted psychic predicted the events. It is only natural to run away when the same woman warns Belle she puts her lover at great risk.

The couple ends up at River Oaks, where Madame Lenore regularly communicates with spirits. At first, she does not see any danger, but every time Beau and Belle visit for another reading, his fate is altered in disastrous ways.

Will sweet Anabelle really stab, burn and shoot the man she loves? Can Beau protect himself and the woman he loves? Will their love hold them together against the odds, real or invented?

Publisher’s Note: This adult romance has elements of humor, mystery, suspense, paranormal happenings, sexual scenes, adult language and discipline of adult women. If any of these elements offend you, please do not purchase.

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Beau put the butter knife in his lover’s hand and clasped her delicate fingers around it. It was impossible to fight the impulse to lift her hand to his lips and kiss it. Then he let her hand go, and exposed his massive chest as a target. “Go for the heart, Belle. Prove you’re a ruthless killer and I’ll believe this nonsense about you slicing me open.”

She glanced down at the steak knife that lay beside his plate, and then back at the dull utensil he gave her. “If you were so sure I couldn’t do it, why did you give me this knife?” “Honestly?” His eyes lit up and she knew he was playing with her.

“You are so taken by this whole paranormal shit, I am worried handing you a real knife might cause you to accidentally hurt someone. While I think all this crap about predicting the future is stupid, I am a firm believer in self-fulfilling prophesies. In your haste to drop the knife, you’d probably accidentally cut yourself or me.”

“So, you admit you are cautious about being around me when I have a knife?”

“Peg me in the chest one time with your knife, honey. Prove you are a born killer.” Belle carefully put the knife down, making sure there was no possible way to accidentally cut herself or anyone else.

“Before you gloat, remember Madame Lenore said we would be safe in this parish. Now stop trying to get me to attack you. The family at the next table is watching our every move as it we’re some reality T.V. show.”

“Sorry, folks.” Beau turned to smile at their audience. “It doesn’t look like she’s in the mood to kill me today. When I haul her cute little ass home, she will be spitting mad then. Too bad you don’t live in New Orleans, where you could get a front row seat to the drama. You weren’t thinking about relocating to that region, were you? I handle a lot of properties in the area. Here’s my card. I could get you in a beautiful little cottage house in a great neighborhood. Crime free… well, mostly crime free. This beautiful woman I’m with is destined to be a vicious killer one day, but I am hoping to reform her.”

Author Spotlight:

Ruby Caine, exclusive writer for Blushing Publication, will release her 8th book Sept. 11. Book four of The Spirits of River Oaks series finds Lenore Zeringue consoling New Orleans native Anabelle Simar. Another psychic has warned Belle she must break up with her fiancée Beauregard St. Pierre or chance causing him grave harm. At first, Lenore sees nothing but happiness between the two, but the more often the couple visit her, the more dangerous things become. Before long, the River Parishes Psychic fears Bella will try to kill her lover no less than three different ways.

Caine and her family live near the Big Easy and her stories often take us through the historical setting which follows along the mighty Mississippi. The Spirits series revolves around the powerful Lenore, who often gets messages from those who have passed on from this world. Another series by Caine is called Katrina’s Aftermath, a group of four contemporary romances minus the paranormal theme. Rounding out books by Ruby Caine is a standalone called Making the Wright Connections, featuring a bratty signer tamed by a sexy cop.

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