Let’s meet Kogan from Her Consort by Maren Smith

Fierce warriors. Savage barbarians. Powerful warlords. All ready to claim their mates.

Alien Alphas is a collection of panty-melting sci-fi romances featuring dominant alien heroes, penned by New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors. This decadently naughty box set includes twenty-three ALL-NEW, stand-alone novellas full of hot alien alpha males, breathless passion, and reluctant surrender.

You’ll find plenty to keep you breathlessly turning the pages, but we thought it might be nice to get up close and personal with some of the sexy alien alphas by firing a few finely honed questions at them. Maren Smith is here with her alpha Kogan from Her Consort.

Thank you for bringing Kogan along to meet us.

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The speakers across the interview room rasped out every movement as Piper tapped at the tiny microphone pinned to her shirt. “Is this thing on?”

The man seated at the control panel in the adjacent room gave her a quick thumb’s up through the glass that separated them and then adjusted the sound. Across the table, a woman in neat business attire flashed Piper a smile, but already her gaze had flicked sideways. Piper knew what the other woman was staring at, too. Short and muscular, built like a mac truck, Kogan was still trying to fold himself into the chair they had provided.

“I don’t care what you say,” he grumbled, fussing with his own microphone. “That man put his face right into mine.”

“He was helping you with your mic,” Piper said, fighting not to roll her eyes.

“He was trying to kiss me,” Kogan corrected.

“Well, I doubt he’ll try it again. You hit him so hard I’ll be surprised if he’s not eating his lunch through a straw for days. Funny how you didn’t get that offended when he was helping me with my microphone.”

“Please.” Kogan rolled his shoulders. “Had he offended you, you would have hit him yourself. You don’t need me for that.”

“Are we ready to start?” asked the woman assigned to interview them. She smiled at Piper until Piper flashed a smile back, but when she attempted the same with Kogan, just as quickly she looked away again.

A corner of Piper’s mouth twisted. This time her smile was genuine. “He’s a whole lot scarier than he looks, trust me.”

“I am not,” Kogan objected.

Shielding her mouth behind her hand, Piper mock whispered, “Mostly in the manners department.”

His frown took on layers of unspoken intent, all of which Piper heard with amazing clarity. Clearing her throat, she dropped her hand and pretended she couldn’t feel that prickling-crawling sensation moving up the backs of her thighs to cover the whole of her bottom. She squirmed.

“O-okay.” Tapping her papers into order against the table, the interviewer picked up her pen. “First question, then.” She found it with her finger. “Kogan is a law unto himself, we know that. But what was the naughtiest thing you ever got up to when you were young?”

Kogan tipped his head. He sat there, as if waiting for the woman to suddenly laugh, throw confetti, cry “Just kidding” and then ask the real question. When none of that happened, in a tone Piper recognized as one he used when trying not to be offended, he said, “Consorts are never naughty. We are, in fact, highly-trained professionals. The best selected out of only the best our world has to offer. Naughtiness is a behavior employed by those who desire a subtle way in which to signal their consorts that they require the release of being taken in hand. I am Kogan Pulgoy Vovlov, the Third. I was one of only six soldiers in the whole of my academy hand-selected for this extremely prestigious occupation, which in turn landed me the position of consort-in-waiting to Her Royal Ambassador, Agi Oof’Thal, currently assigned to Earth. I—” He emphasized, as if such should be obvious. “—am not now, nor have I ever been, naughty.”

“You do run around naked a lot,” Piper said, biting back a smile at his affront.

“I didn’t mean to be insulting,” the interviewer quickly offered and, allowing himself to be mollified, Kogan tipped his head.

“You may proceed to the next question.”

Poor woman. Piper smothered a laugh as the interviewer studied her list of questions again.

“Um… Apart from you, who is the meanest alien alpha in the box set?”

“Piper,” Kogan said without hesitation.

Her smile vanished. “I’m not mean!”

“I’m sorry,” the interviewer said, her nervous laugh staving off the argument. “Mr. Vovlov, we’re just looking at the alphas right now. The ‘alien alphas’,” she enunciated, checking to make sure he understood. “You know… like the book title?”

“Ah, I see.” Kogan brightened. “In that case, my answer would have to be… Piper. One cannot be more alpha than a ship’s captain.”

“Yes, but you’re in charge,” the woman tried to insist.

“The hell he is,” Piper told her.

“The hell I am,” Kogan agreed in kind, then held up a staying hand. “I understand the confusion, but the fact remains, I am Piper’s consort—”

“Self-appointed,” she muttered.

“That also makes me her guardian, her provider, her physician, if required… chauffeur, mentor, teacher, head of security.” He thought about it. “Best friend, staff of one, father, confidante, lover, priest… a companion, as it were, in all facets of her life. Naturally, I could never allow her to do anything that might bring her harm. But apart from all of that, Piper is the captain of our vessel, she outranks me, and therefore, she is absolutely in charge.”

“Yeah,” Piper said drily. “When he lets me be.”

“But she’s not an alien,” the interviewer said gently.

Kogan blinked twice. “She is to me.”

“But I’m not mean,” Piper protested again.

He patted her knee. “Not any meaner than I can handle.” Rolling his hand to the interviewer, he settled into his chair. “This is fun. Much easier than I thought it would be. Next question, please.”

“In your own words,” the interviewer read from her form, “tell us what your first impression was when you met Piper?”

“Oh lord,” Piper rolled her eyes.

Kogan blossomed in a grin. “She was…” He breathed in. “…glorious. Perhaps a little scrawny, but I was not repulsed.”

“Repulsed?” Offended, Piper swiveled far enough to glare at him. “Really, you thought I was repulsive?”

He looked at her, surprised. Pinching the tiny microphone between thick fingers, he tapped it. “Is this thing working? I said, I was not repulsed. Besides, the scrawniness is only a small flaw in the overall Piper Package.”

Her eyebrows shot up toward her hairline. “The Piper Package had flaws?”

“Has,” he corrected. “The flaw is still present. You seem to be getting upset about this. Hailing from Earth, I am sure you must have heard the saying: Fierce albeit scrawny things come in small packages.”

“Good things,” Piper corrected. “It’s good things come in—like you have any busy making fun of my size, anyway. You’re just as short as I am! In fact, you’re the shortest alpha in the anthology!”

“My size is more than adequate where it counts.” Kogan winked, then turned back to the interviewer. “Would you like to see?”

“No!” both women cried, and Piper grabbed his arm to stop him from standing. The interviewer covered her eyes. She also rolled her lips to keep from laughing, but Piper knew better than to let go until he’d once more eased back into his seat.

“You brought it up,” he gloated.

“I should be flogged,” she said drily, then immediately could have bit her tongue at the dark interest that sparked in Kogan’s eyes. He smiled. Great. Now she probably would be, too.

“As I was saying,” Kogan said, smoothing returning to the interviewer’s original question. “Her physical imperfections are minor when compared to the allure of her ferocity. Truly, you should have seen us in those early days of courtship.”

“Yeah,” Piper drawled. “The courtship I didn’t know we were in, right up until he kissed me.”

“It was glorious,” Kogan said again, then chuckled when she snorted. “She fought me non-stop. Every day we battled one another with our words—”

“Only because he was too big for me to stuff out the airlock.”

“—bantered and battered,” Kogan continued as if she hadn’t interrupted, “until finally she could withstand my charm no longer.”

“Charm,” she snorted again. “My nickname for him back then was ‘asshat’.”

“Overcome by her attraction to me, she lashed out, slamming me up against a wall and at long last was I free to make her mine.” Story complete, he turned on Piper. “And no, it wasn’t either. You yelled ‘asshat’ a lot, but what you called me was Neanderthal.”

“Because you’re so strong?” the woman across the table guessed with a smile.

Kogan brightened. “Yes, I believe that must be why.”

Hairy as hell, Piper mouthed behind her hand. She discretely pointed at him and then her own chest. Like a rug.

She quickly stopped when he looked at her. So he wouldn’t get suspicious, she said, “If you’re in a story telling mood, why don’t you start with how I saved your life?”

“Which time?” he asked. “There’s been so many. I like that in a woman, too,” he told the interviewer, then chuckled that deep rumbling laugh that Piper had long ago learned meant he was growing aroused. “No matter how much she snipes and snaps at me, she just can’t help but save my life.”

“Only until we get back to the ship, I swear.” Piper folded her arms across her chest, and hoped she wasn’t blushing as fiercely as she thought she was.

Kogan rumbled another chuckling laugh. Charm, he mouthed to the interviewer behind his hand. In a mock whisper, he added, “I’m going to bend her over this table as soon as you leave the room.”

Piper dropped her head into her hands. “Oh my God…” she moaned.

He looked at her. “Should we make that part of the interview, do you think? Inquiring minds might want to know.”

When Piper only tsked and moaned again, he held his hands up a good ten inches apart for the blushing interviewer to see.

“Charm matters,” he said, and winked.

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