A Very Private Performance (now available for pre-order)


Please feel free to join me in drooling over this gorgeous cover that her lovely and oh so talented Emmy Ellis made for my sexy menage novella A Very Private Performance, part of the Three’s a Charm anthology which is available NOW for pre-order from Totally Bound.

Here’s the blurb…

One foolish mistake has cost her dearly—it will take a brave decision to put her back in pole position.

For the avoidance of doubt, please be informed that you are a pair of arrogant, self-serving sh**s. Further, you are bigoted, self-righteous phonies.

Not exactly the best way to address the directors of the law firm if I want to hang on to my job, but I’ve had up to here it with James and Daniel Morgan. If they object so strongly to what I do in my spare time they shouldn’t snoop into my Facebook account. Not that any of this self-righteous indignation is going to help me. I’ve been fired.

So what are they thinking now? First James and Daniel have me dismissed, then they turn up while I’m clearing out my desk as though nothing is wrong and invite me out to lunch? What are they up to? And why am I even going with them?

They may be handsome as sin, the pair of them, and now that they know I’m a pole dancer in my spare time they seem to think I’ll sleep with them to keep my job.

Not that the idea doesn’t have its appeal, but they’re wrong. I have my standards too…and not the double standards these two seem to live by.

If I decide to give James and Daniel Morgan a very private performance it will be on my terms, not theirs.

Here’s a little snippet from the novella, a text conversation…

So, about that demo…

He is equally quick to answer now.

Ah, we were hoping you might bring that up. Have you been polishing your pole?

I have, all nice and shiny. Would tomorrow, Friday, at 6pm, be convenient? And will you ask James?

Perfectly convenient. James is with me now. Where?

I had considered inviting them to the studio where I often practice, but even if I booked out a private session there would be people about and no guarantee that none of the staff would come in. My plans call for a more secluded setting.

Would you be happy coming to my house?

Are you sure?

Fair enough question, and I have given this some considerable thought. I am sure, and I’ll actually feel more comfortable on my home turf. 

Yes, perfectly sure. I have a small pole studio in my basement.

Text me the address.

I do so, then add one final line.

I have considered your special request with great care. Topless will be fine, on this occasion.

I know exactly what I’m doing, what I’m letting myself in for. If I dance for them as near nude as makes no difference I will end up in bed with one or other, preferably both. Despite my affronted virgin act in the restaurant this is a prospect I find somewhat intriguing. I’m not about to have a fit of the vapors at the very idea, far from it. I sampled the delights of two men the same time just once before, and while the choreography could have gone better—we had all been new to the concept and fumbling somewhat—I had actually loved the overall experience. I had been the center of attention, enjoying the combined efforts of two men bent on bringing me pleasure. What’s not to like?

I wonder if they’ve ever played those games before? They must have, surely. They never actually suggested a threesome but I thought…it sort of seemed…

Shit, I really ought to have asked. I should have gotten this clear, but it’s too late now. I’m committed.


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